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Plumbers in St. Louis Mo

Call a professional plumber from USA Plumbing Plus to take care of your plumbing emergencies. Our plumbers offer fast, friendly 24 hour emergency plumbing service. Whether it is during the middle of the night, weekend, or even on a holiday, you will be serviced by a plumbing professional who can schedule an appointment to meet your plumbing needs.

The plumbers at USA Plumbing Plus are here to take care of your plumbing emergencies such as  gas lines, sewer line backups, broken water lines, kitchen and bathroom drain clogs, broken water heaters, overflowing toilets and much more. Often, Plumbing and drain problems occur over holidays and special occasions when there are a houseful of guests.  If you see signs of backed-up toilets or drains, it’s best to request the assistance of a plumbing professional from USA Plumbing Plus before the problem worsens.

Always remember to make sure you know where the water shut-off valve is located to help minimize water damage to your property. USA Plumbing Plus  professional Plumbers are capable of taking care of all your plumbing and Heating & Cooling needs.

Our commitment to excellence and level of expertise separate us from the competition. Our training is continuous, and we take pride in nurturing home-grown plumbers through our training program. Our training ensures that we can handle repairing or replacing all types of back-flow prevention assembly’s, filtration systems, frozen water pipes, gas leaks or gas lines, leaking water pipes, toilets, faucets, water heaters, boilers, drain and sewer pipes, garbage disposals, clean water pipes, re-circulating pumps, gas lines, leach fields, and septic tanks. We’re located in Saint Louis, Missouri and we cover up to a 40 mile radius.

We offer senior citizen discounts and military discounts, plumbing installation specials, drain cleaning specials, and repair specials. We give guaranteed warranties on all services we provide upon date on receipt. There’s a trip charge to come out, but will be waived if you proceed with services. During initial trip, diagnostic checks are completed to correctly assess what’s going on and how to properly fix your Plumbing System. Call now for free over the phone estimate 314-349-7290.

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