Tub Repair in St Louis Mo

There are multiple areas where a bathtub can potentially leak. There could be a leak from the faucet, underlying pipes, the body of the tub, drain, etc. Depending on the nature of the bathtub leak, there are different repair options available to you. The sign’s that may need a tub repair or tub replacement are curling vinyl flooring or loose tiles, peeling or flaking paint, worn out wood finishing, water stains on the ceiling below, mold on the wall or floor, or general pooling around the base of the tub. Spotting these tell-tale signs early could possibly save your bathroom from bigger issues.

Bathtub Services

At USA Plumbing Plus, our expert professional plumbers are trained to detect, locate, and repair any cracked, leaking or busted piping as well as fixing and replacing tile and grout removed during the service to your tub.

Bathtub Installation

 Looking to completely update your bathtub? USA Plumbing Plus can also restore the surface of your tub during tub repair, saving up to 70% over the replacement cost! If you have a porcelain tub that has cracks our experts can perform a quality bathtub repair service that will have your bathtub looking as good as new. Call and speak to a USA Plumbing Plus customer care representative today for all your tub repair needs and services.